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Gorf is a sci-fi arcade shoot 'em up game released in 1981 by Midway.

There are five levels. One is based on Space Invaders and one on Galaxian. Gorf makes use of synthesized speech, in which the Gorfian robot taunts the player.

On July 8th 2019, Matthew Garrett set a new world record score of 1,543,160.

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How to Play How to Play

You must prevent the "Galactic Orbiting Robot Force" (GORF) from conquering Earth. The attacks come in 5 waves. Astro Battles, Laser Attack, Galaxians, Space Ship and Flag Ship.

If you defeat the Flag Ship, you go up a rank and start the waves again. The are six ranks. Space Cadet, Space Captain, Space Colonel, Space General, Space Warrior and Space Avenger.

You can start Gorf with three or six lives. Simply add 2 or more credits to start with six.

Game Controls Game Controls

Press the big red start button on screen. Loading takes just over 10 seconds.

You will need to add online credits before you play by pressing '5' on your keyboard. To start the game press 1 for one player OR press 2 for two players.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move your ship (8 directions) and CTRL to FIRE.

Bonus ship awarded after completing the first 5 stages.

More info: About Gorf

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